clearing space


for your desires


intentional interior design to align your dreams, room by room


Environments have a profound impact on our happiness: if your home or business feels draining, let's adjust the flow & welcome inspiration! 


Four Walls is focused on wholeness, with balance found in the physical, emotional, mind and spirit of the space

Physical balance through the space layout analysis, flow of furniture and some new piece selections if required.

Emotional balance through art & accent pieces, arranging crystals and other elements through the space.

Mental balance through colour selections, material choices, textures and organization.

Spiritual balance through remote energy clearing (supported for 3 weeks) and a 10 min daily intentional protocol for you.


Let me clearly outline your design to be congruent with your goals. Once achieved,  you gain peace to focus on what brings YOU the most joy in life.

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one-of-a-kind  paintings infused with your highest intentions


It's easy to get started! 


Whether a home or business we will need photos, rough dimensions, a completed questionnaire and 30 min to have a conversation.

You will receive a package tailored to your needs, room-by-room, using the following principles

  • Space planning
  • Feng shui
  • Colour psychology
  • Space clearing
  • Inspirations supporting your vision (furniture, art, crystals, etc)

The beauty of technology allows me to work globally, and I am excited to offer my service to every corner of the world! continued wisdom and living in peace!

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Should you decide to purchase art from this site, 5% of sales go to an important cause you get to choose at time of purchase.

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Ready to dive in?

Aligned Art
from 333.00

Custom artwork is a simple and effective way to improve your flow.

A painting specially made for your room, infused with your highest intentions. It will remove fears, worry, doubt and evoke calm, clarity and support so you can move forward with your dreams.

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Room Renewal
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Room Renewal
from 500.00

Align one room of your choice.


  • Space plan & 3D rendering

  • Feng shui layout and assessment

  • Colour alignment

  • Energy clearing ( incl. remote support for 3 weeks)

  • a toolkit of inspiration

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Bright Business
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Bright Business

Increase flow in your business


  • Space plan

  • Feng shui layout and assessment

  • Colour alignment

  • Energy clearing (incl. remote support for 3 weeks)

  • a toolkit of inspiration

This package can be used for home offices larger than 25’ x 25’ or commercial locations.

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Working with Kara was a timely gift!! I knew an “idea” of what I desired but struggled communicating the concept. From the beginning to the finished product, Kara was intuitively attuned to me. She is patient and completely captured my vision. Her artistic ability and technical knowledge blend to nail the most beautiful & precise space. Kara is an empathic professional who over delivers so she will not only exceed expectations but the experience is enjoyable! Anyone blessed enough to work with her will realize she is one of a kind.



“My condo is well designed and full of good energy. I just love pleased!”

                                                       - Pauline


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